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Niu Tee ~ Black (non gendered)

Niu Tee ~ Black (non gendered)

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This coconut design is the 8th in a series of Papa branded Tees and Hoodies.

This design was inspired by Coco Solid’s book, How to Loiter in a Turf War. The use of an inherently pacific fruit - the coconut - combined with an almost psychedelic pink milk was designed after reading about the journeys of the 3 main characters in Hansell’s novel. Their personalities, their queerness and their loving friendship reads like an ode to a time in Tāmaki when things felt simpler. A story rich in experiences that brown women of Tāmaki only know too well, with the heartbreak of the changing streets and loss of connection in our neighbourhoods.
-Design by Keva Rands

  • The size small - 3XL T-shirt's are AS Colour heavy weight Tees, 280gsm - 100% combed cotton
  • The size 4XL & 5XL T-shirt's are AS Colour Staple Tees, 180gsm - 100% combed cotton

This collection shows a Niu (coconut) pouring pink milk on the back and PAPA in brown lettering on the front chest

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