The relationship between garment and maker is fundamental to Papa and to its customers. The diversity of the Papa customer base across age, size, gender and culture reflects the inclusivity that underpins Papa designs. Inclusivity to us means amplifying the beauty of those that are often marginalised by the fashion industry, especially those within the queer and Pasifika communities that the Papa brand has roots in.

Everything is made from 100% natural fibres; Linens, Cottons, Wools and Silks meaning garments can break down organically at the end of their lifecycle.

The range of hoodies and tees referred to as Papa Sport are offered as a lower price point option for a more casual feel.

All clothing is designed and made in Aotearoa. 

Papa Garments are of a very high quality and should last a very long time. We encourage mending and repairing garments before you get rid of them. Support for this from us is available by email, info@papaclothing.co.nz

Mostly made-to-order, some of these pieces can take between 1-3 weeks to be cut, sewn and shipped out to you. Look out for the term "pre order" to determine the wait time on each garment. "pre order" meaning it will be custom made over the next few weeks or if it doesn't say pre order then it will be ready to ship to you the following business day.

Customisations in fit, length and materials are available for pre order pieces by emailing info@papaclothing.co.nz


Keva Rands, Papa Designer

With roots throughout Moana-Nui-a Kiwa and having been raised in an eco village in Northland, Aotearoa, Papa founder / designer Keva Rands likes to draw inspiration from her ancestral homelands of Fiji, Samoa, Tongareva and as far as Hawai’i. Her upbringing in the eco village has laid the foundation for her knowledge of the environment and sense of responsibility to care for the land.

The name Papa comes from designer Keva's namesake, Keva Richard Low, who was known to his mokopuna as 'Papa'.

Family is at the heart of Papa, and each carefully crafted piece is an invitation to join.

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