Terms and Conditions

Orders placed on items with "pre order" or "made to order" written beside them are subject to a wait time of between 1 week - 2 months depending on COVID-19 alert levels and other elements that could affect production.

Returning something that has been "made to order" is sometimes possible but it is subject to some conditions:
1. The garment must be in perfect condition
2. We only offer exchange or online store credit for made to order garments - we will not give out cash refunds for garments that were made to order.
3. If you order an older style or a one of a kind, custom style then we will not be able to offer an exchange, refund or store credit. These sales are all final.

Refunds and exchanges are available on *stocked items that are faulty, the incorrect size or not the right style for you but each case will be handled individually and we reserve the right to refuse a refund if we believe the item has been damaged, unclean or tampered with in some way. Returning items for refund or exchange is a customer expense that we will not cover. We will cover the cost of shipping replacement items.
*"stocked" refers to items that are premade / off the rack. This excludes items that we have made to order.

If an item sells but is out of stock, we will do our best to help you find something else or provide a full refund depending on your preference.

If an order is made in a region we do not ship to we will contact you immediately for a full refund. Alternatively if we can find a suitable shipping rate for your region we will email you this option. For a list of the regions we do ship to please see below. We are working to expand this list over the next few years.

New Zealand

*we ship to some but not all countries in these regions.

If you wish to make an order but live outside of these regions, please email us first so we can arrange a custom shipping rate that suits your region.

For people placing orders from outside of New Zealand and Australia, please be warned about the taxes and duties you may incur when purchasing product from New Zealand. This will vary from case to case but can be up in the hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros and is an expense that we, Papa Clothing will not cover. For further information about these charges please contact your local customs agent.

In cases of suspicion of fraudulent behaviour, we reserve the right to refuse a sale and/or refund it immediately.